Portfolio is up 🎉

Published 1 year ago
Reading time: 2 minutes

It's finally here. Looks like I've managed to complete whole portfolio during the quarantine.

I was hesitating if I should also make a blog because as you know from my Instagram, I'm not good at doing anything regularly. But here we are,  with the blog, too (I'll try my best, I swear).

So what does this portfolio include?

5 website - DJ websiteLiMix Media website,  this blog, website chooser and of course admin (which address I won't put here of course).

You may be asking what software I used for the design.

Well, I'm only a backend developer, so this part was quite hard. I chose Figma, which most of you probably know. When I started designing the website chooser, I was quite sceptical, because I didn't know what to do But I think the result isn't that bad.

When I (finally) finished the design of each of the 3 websites (I designed the blog only later), I was wondering whether I should try to do the websites with React and Laravel, because that would be new for me. After reading a few articles about the combination (some of you probably know that Laravel has integration for Vue and React), I decided to do it that way.

However, soon, after that, I realised what a horrible mistake I made. React is good, Laravel too, but using it together can be quite a pain in the ass because you have to run npm run dev after every change in frontend. Yes, that is right. But I won't be lying if I say that I got used to running that command quite quickly.

After I made the 3 websites, I thought that I should also make a blog. The process of making it wasn't that slow and I managed to complete it in about 2 days.

The last problem was that I created new Laravel project for every website. And having 3 Laravel projects takes a lot of space. So I did some digging and found out that Laravel can manage domains, too. It was quite easy to do it and after pointing each virtual host on my VPS to the directory of only one Laravel, I changed some lines in web/routes.php and in web/api.php and woala, it was done.

The source of the website chooser is available here:

The source of DJ + LiMix Media + Blog + admin is available here:

Feel free to write on my IG @limixmedia any bugs you spot.

See you next time!